"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

like i've known all along

it's like i've known what he looked like all along.
but i didn't.
and i wanted to know so badly.
and i do.
and i feel like i always have.
but i didn't.
do you know?
max and brennan love him.
for now.
and they fight over who gets to hold him.
brennan is patient about waiting for his turn.
max screams and pushes brennan away when he tries to look at chase when she is holding him.
chase loves to lay in their arms.
just not when they poke him in his eyes.
and not when he's hungry.
and not when they take out his binky.
and not when they squish his head.
but he does like it when they kiss him.
max loves to cover his legs with a blanket.
and cuddle him with her cheek.
such a little mommy.
and she's huge.
ginormously huge.
funny how that happens when you have a baby.
and your last baby becomes the size of king kong.
i thought i knew she'd look huge,
but then she was HUGER.
is that word?
i'm in love with chase's hair.


Gilbert Family said...

so sweet. i told you she would look huge :) such a happy family of 5! :)congrats mama

Wendy Williams said...

He's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Brooke said...

Great pictures. So strange that he's here! Excited to meet him :)

Sue said...

He is adorable.

And I remember well how huge the youngest looks when the new youngest arrives!


Emmy said...

He does have great hair! And yes bringing a new baby home definitely makes your last baby seem so big. I wish I lived by you, I would love to come take pictures for you

Amy said...

I can't get over that gorgeous hair! So shiny and blond, and soft. It makes me want to pet him. Baby hair always makes me want to pet it. It is a feeling like no other in this world. The softness and silkiness. Like rose petals, but silkier. And the smell! They should sell it as a lotion, or perfume. Babies smell so good!
I am so glad that the kids are so good with him. That is always a plus. Its like he was always a part of your family, right?