"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 28, 2012

hang on for 2 seconds!

"mom, could you come here please?"
{very calm}
"what do you need?"
{i was annoyed}
"mom could you hurry please?"
{still calm}
i'm thinking "hurry?"
{maybe i'd better get up and see what he's doing, but no rush}
again brennan says,
"mom, please come here. i'm in the pantry. hurry please?"
{calm again, very sweetly}
so i get up with a sigh b/c i've just sat down for the first time all day.
but he did ask nicely.
i found him stuck and clinging to the pantry shelves.
"mom, my hands are slipping, could you help me?"
and he knows that if he cries i won't do a darn thing,
but if he talks in a "normal voice" i'll help him with anything.
smart kid.
i couldn't stop laughing.
so naturally i told him to, 
"hang on for two seconds, i've got to get my camera!!!"
he didn't fall.
and i got my picture;)
this is what he was reaching for:

man after my own heart.


Sue said...


And he has good taste, too!!


Kindra said...

Sweet boy! Where did his chubby cheeks go?

Emmy said...

Oh smart boy! And yes, I am much more likely to react if they talk nicely than scream at me too :)