"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, April 27, 2012

old faithful

when they're outside, i can't hear the screaming as much:)
and they don't have to hear me as much.
it's worth every clothes change they can muster.
b/c i have a washer and dryer.
and a bath tub.
i don't think brennan is capable of feeling the elements.
he'd just rather be in his underwear.
now if i could just convince him to not get dressed at all...
chase slept for 5 hours last night.
two times in a row.
who knew the right latch could help him sleep so long?!
the air bubbles are plaguing him on a regular basis.
from a click clacking latch.
we sound like a ticket counter.
it is sad.
it's a work in progress.
he got his first real live bonified bath.
he cried until i warmed up the water.
he prefers the sauna bath.
then he fell asleep.
a happy man.
in the tub.
and he peed on me.
but not in that order.
i giggled .
b/c by now i know
that all boys pee
right when you put them in the bath.
straight up like old faithful.
he has white eyelashes and eyebrows.
have i mentioned that yet?
a redhead for sure.


Jen said...

Oh so sweet...I can't believe he fell asleep in the bath!
And 5 hour stretches!! That's amazing!
Hope the other two fight and scream less each day, and they don't burn the house down while nursing the baby ;)

Kindra said...

I think Chase look so much like a Gibson! He's also a lot cuter then most newborns! I always say, if they don't need a bath by the end of the day they didn't have enough fun!

Amy said...

Mystery solved. I wondered (but sort of already knew) why you had a naked-ish child. They have so much fun outdoors and it was COLD! He must be impervious to the elements. Glad you were able to get more sleep than usual. That is always wonderful!

becca said...

my son is the same way rather be without clothes then with

Sue said...

Love that picture of the little guy asleep in the tub!


Emmy said...

Awe sweet little guy! And yes boys do like to give us showers. Have you heard of the swaddle bath?? I never did until they taught us it in the NICU with Ryder.

Here is a video of giving one to Ryder http://youtu.be/vnyIHoXKO2E

basically you swaddle them and keep them wrapped up and just unwrap the part you are washing. They love it