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Friday, May 4, 2012

sllllluuuuurrrrrrp! {cereal milk edition}

thank you general mills for producing my all time favorite breakfast cereal.
reese's puffs.
OH's are my #2.
battling for #1,
but peanut butter is hard to match.
i'll let them continue to compete for my love and affection.
i have never been a "drink my milk after i eat my cereal" person.
i've been told it's the best part.
but it has always grossed me out.
and once the cereal is gone,
down the drain it goes.
like dirty water after a bath.
the milk is there to moisten the cereal.
and that is all.
it gagged me to watch other people slurp it down.
then in college my roommate would sip her milk with her spoon.
{shredded wheat with raisins, and honey generously drizzled on top}
small little tastes.
and not dirty looking at all.
so i tried it.
in fact,
i ate it for dinner most nights.
and breakfast.
and sometimes lunch too.
honey milk.
but i have never dared to spoon the milk after eating the cereal with any other cereals.
the thought still haunted me.
and i most definitely could not imagine slurping straight from the bowl.
but yesterday morning while i was indulging in my peanut buttery bowl of goodness,
baby chase awoke.
and awoke with gusto.
so starving that a binky could not contain his patience.
i needed something more than the cereal to fill me up,
and spoon feeding milk was just not going to cut it on time.
so i grabbed that bowl with my right hand,
chase in my left arm, and on my left hip,
and i slurped that dirty peanut butter after cereal milk right down.
and do you know what?
it was ALMOST the best part.
imagine that.
no gagging necessary.

1 comment:

jen said...

I'm still a member of the gagging club. Always pour it down the drain. Always have, always will. ewww.