"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, April 30, 2012

latch is back {swimming}

swimming lessons.
this morning.
feels like summer is closer than ever.
felt good to get out.
all of us together.
bree fed chase from a bottle.
nursing out and about is not in my nature.
too much work to cover us all up.
too much pride to let it all hang out.
it's just not for me.
he fell asleep on her after.
nice and full milky tummy.
max kept begging to get in the pool with the boys.
i offered her juice boxes, star shaped marshmallows, and my phone to entertain.
she would not be pawed at.
but settled for her binky and blankie in the end.
thank goodness she doesn't know how to unclip the stroller straps.
in case you were wondering.
happy me.
happy chase...sort of.
his tummy still gurgles.
and he cries from the cramps after eating.
but then i burp him,
cuddle him,
{usually scold the big kids for jumping on us or dumping out a box of cereal}
and finish up by swaddling him like a burrito, with a binky
and he nods off to sleep.
target was out of gripe water this morning.
for chase's gurgling tummy.
i went by myself before sean left for work.
the lady in the baby aisle offered to call another target.
the thought of coming back later with all three kids to another store did not sound like an option.
but now that we've conquered swimming lessons before 11am
{AND ON TIME...within 5 minutes}
it doesn't sound so badly after all.


becca said...

wow what a day and love the pic to the kids all wet and happy

Sue said...

Hard to believe it's swimming lessons time already! But I guess it's a indoor place, eh?

He looks like he enjoys the water!