"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

especially the crying part

yesterday i had myself a good long cry.
absolutely NECESSARY in the "i just had a baby" process.
where i vowed to give up wonder woman status,
and face the fact that i have three kids.
one of them a newborn.
and some days those things are hard all together.
and i just can't control any of it.
the three week meltdown came a week late.
i was beginning to think i was going to be able to skip it.
i chalk it up to sleep.
i'm getting more of it.
brennan wore only underwear,
until i remembered he had preschool.
in ten minutes.
i handed him his toothbrush and a quesadilla in a plastic baggy.
and sent him off.
max was in a diaper until two.
it just felt good to let everything go.
and have it be alright.
to get absolutely nothing accomplished.
my mom showed up with subway BMT's,
potato chips,
and a bag of popsicles.
i let my kids try every flavor twice.
and then had one for myself.
it all just felt really good.
especially the crying part.
a cleanse of sorts.
like some kind of right of passage.
bring on the take out:)


Sue said...

Sometimes a good cry is just the right medicine.


becca said...

we all need those day once in awhile to survive