"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, July 30, 2012

carrot top "baby man" {chase ray}

{i puked all weekend. nursing after you've been puking is NOT awesome.}
{i am better now.}
he laughs when you tickle his chest.
his hair is carrot orange.
his eyes are dark blue.
he loves to stare at me.
and follow me around the room with his eyes.
i love it when he puts his head on my shoulder.
and rolls his eyes back when he's falling asleep.
he only cries when he's tired or hungry,
unless someone is holding him,
then he never cries.
he sleeps anywhere and everywhere.
and loves to be bundled up with a binky.
he compensates double time if he misses a nap altogether.
his goopy eye is finally gone.
he charms all women young and old.
it's hilarious.
he talks to us when we talk to him.
especially the ladies.
he loves to suck on his three middle fingers, and sometimes his thumb.
he cries when he's full.
until he burps.
then he smiles.
and sucks on his fingers.
he smiles and laughs at brennan and max.
especially when brennan is acting crazy.
which is most ALL of the time.
he doesn't mind getting smothered by brennan.
but i mind.
he folds his hands over his tummy usually.
he wakes up to eat once at night.
and takes long naps during the day.
i love to kiss his smooshy bulldog cheeks.
and smell his baby breath.
he poops once every two weeks.
when we make him...
poor guy.
although he fools everyone with his farts.
brennan calls him a "baby man."
i think he looks like a grandpa.
he drinks "baby milk."
and is the master of mellow.
he makes me want to have a dozen more!!!
{or not...maybe just one.}
oh I LOVE my baby man chase ray.


Sue said...

Boy, Chase gives a whole new meaning to constipation!
Poor guy, indeed!

What a cutie!!


Amy said...

He is so mellow and sweet for you! I love this post. Poor guy with his poops, though.