"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 3, 2012

one lump or two {afternoon tea}

my grandparents sent me an old silver tea set of theirs from grandpa's working days in the airlines.
in celebration the london olympics 
chase being 4 months old we threw ourselves a tea party.
{did you know chase is 4 months old this week?}
so proud:)
i was teaching them about not pressing their tea bags when taking them out, 
just like grandma joy taught me,
{and about how we only drink certain types of tea--non caffeinated}
sugar {one lump or two},
cream {say when},
and then brennan picked up his cup and said to himself,
"pinky up!"
very gentlemanly like.
i laughed so hard in adoration,
and asked him where he heard that.
and he said,
"tinker bell."
and then went about his tea drinking business.
such a funny kid.
max was a lady the entire time
until she squeezed her tea bag with her fist at the end.
so glad we're not british.
b/c surely americans can get away with those types of things.
so glad she's 2.
i forget how pretty silver is.
how does one keep it clean and polished?
i know i should know this.
but i don't...
thank you grandma and grandpa tabery,
we are honored to have it in our home.


becca said...

now that is the kind of tea party i would love to be invited to

Katie said...

That is gorgeous.

Sue said...

To be honest, I sold all of mine at a garage sale because it was such a pain to keep polished. It's beautiful, though!


Amy said...

Gorgeous! I am a teensy bit jealous of your tea set. Use lemon juice and baking soda to keep it polished. I will find the exact instructions and send them to you.
Can you teach me the art of sugar and cream with tea? Every time i have tried it, it tastes wrong.
I love tea parties. Any reason to celebrate is a great reason to celebrate. That is my motto.