"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

orange fingers

{don't blink, she'll be driving and going on dates soon. wah!!!}
max ate them with her pancakes this morning.
i ate mine over the sink.
it stained my fingers orange.
and it was the juiciest and most delicious tomato i've ever fancied.
i fed one to sean as he walked out the door to work.
i dare say my man will be coming home for another tonight.
i know how to keep my man on his toes;)
 checkout my growing pumpkin patch.
the bees are busy in our garden. 
also, my mom snorkeled with my kids yesterday.
pretty much rocked my world.
and brennan learned that walking with flippers on is tricky.
{he refused to try going backwards. always has to do it his way first. can't imagine where he could have learned that!}

go grandma carol!
that's how they do it in hawaii.


becca said...

omg love that picture she is so cute in that huge hat

Sue said...

And the summer fun continues...


jen said...

I've missed your little family! And I can't believe how big your baby is! Love his hair!

You eat tomatoes just like my dad--over the sink. But his favorite way is to just take a salt shaker out to the garden. He taught my oldest son this trick when he was two, and later that fall when he was clearing the garden, he called me with a sniffle in his voice, saying he'd just found Tucker's pacifier buried under a tomato bramble.
Ah, summer memories!

Amy said...

You do summer right! There is nothing quite so tasty as a summer garden tomato. Yum! And how fun is that pool snorkeling? What a great grandmother! I can see where you get being such a great mom!