"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, August 27, 2012

hello, my name is:

today is the first day of preschool.
brennan's second year.
i want to shout for joy and cry all at the same time.
the beginning of our last year of make believe adulthood.
next year with kindergarten begins real "i have a child in elementary school" life.
so we're going to enjoy every minute of arts and crafts,
field trips to pumpkin patches,
and sitting on santa's lap at christmas time this year.
and then be so glad that max will go to miss kim next fall.
b/c at least we'll still have more coming up in the ranks of make believe little kid land.
the preschool days i love so much.
4 years ago brennan was the same age as chase, plus a month.
i can't believe what 4 years has brought us.

if you cover up the tops of their heads with your index fingers,
the "twins" emerge in their faces.
with different eye color and skin complextion.
brennan was definitely more beefy.
i have to roll up the shorts to stay around chase's waist.
but this is why when people tell me he looks like max i say,
except when he looks like brennan;)
max was screaming at us that they were all pictures of chase,
not brennan.
there was no convincing her otherwise.
i tried to reason with her.
it was funny.
pointing out brennan with his big brown eyes,
olive skin,
and dark hair.
she took off upstairs screeching in sing song-y tones,
"NO, ASE"!!!!!!!!!!
over and over again,
all offended like,
at high pitch levels only a girl can achieve.
sean and i just laughed.
and told her if she kept screaming all of the fairies would die.
brennan tried relentlessly to convince her as well.
he finally gave up saying,
and went back to playing with his super heros in the end.
chase does have her skin complexion and eyes,
so i guess he just looks like them both.
i can't wait to see what he'll look like in 4 years when HE'S starting his second year of preschool.
with his piercing bright blue eyes.
and blonde eye lashes that give you a slow blink when he's trying to woo you.
boys are so good for the soul:)


Sue said...

Yes, they are. At least, they have been for mine!


becca said...

aw he is such a big book tell I said good luck and have fun

Sarah said...

Fun! I love seeing those side by sides of your boys in the same outfit. So cute!

Emmy said...

Yes, they definitely are brothers. Preschool days are fun- as they are learning and having fun and there is no homework!!

Amy said...

They really do look a lot alike! Funny how Max wouldn't believe anyone. So cute.