"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, August 26, 2012

sheets of white {a rain storm}

i really can't imagine a hurricane raining harder than this.
that's how hard it rained.
thick sheets of rain so thick that it looked as white as snow.
for a few moments when the wind blew in,
it felt as if the rain and wind would swoop up our house and carry us to Kansas all Dorthy like.
or guess she was swooped away FROM kansas.
we stood there screaming on our porch in amazement.
waving at our neighbors across the street who had also come out for the show.
and then sean took off running.
the kids and i looked at each other,
and took off behind him.
then we came back inside sopping wet.
freezing cold.
and brennan told us,
"we went out into the hot, and it was cold."
then we made hot chocolate.
the instant kind in the packet, 
with dried mini-marshmallows that crunch in your mouth if 
 they haven't been bathing long enough in the warm chocolaty milk.
whipped cream on top, of course.
i dipped a peanut butter cookie in mine that my neighbor had sent over with her husband earlier this afternoon.
{thank you home teachers, we love you.}
and then the sun came out, 
and we spent the rest of the night face-timing with grandma and grandpa ryan in california,
telling them about brennan's first day of preschool tomorrow,
halloween costumes,
t-ball games coming up this week,
acceptable t-ball snacks as it is my duty tomorrow,
and the large amounts of tomatoes we pick from our garden every day.
i also showed off my corn,
and my dad suggested we plow down one entire side of the yard for a larger crop next year.
he also called my corn "charlie brown corn,"
but i did not take offense.
it IS rather puny looking,
he is right about that,
it's the sweetest darn corn you'll ever taste.
they marveled at my pumpkins turning orange, 
and said we needed to move to california for a longer growing season.
i told them they should move to utah so we could bring them garden fresh tomatoes and sweet utah corn on sunday nights.
and then it was time to put all of the kids to bed,
so we blew kisses and said goodnight.
i just love our sunday nights:) 


Sue said...

Life is good.
And so was this post.


Emmy said...

Looks like your neighbors ran out into the rain too :)

Love love that last picture

Amy said...

There is something about your street that magnets all of the best weather! Isn't technology great? Face time with someone so far away. Love it!