"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 30, 2012

NOT sweet potatoes

{i spared you--you're welcome}
on the phone.
unloading dishes.
loading dishes.
so i could give chase a bath in the sink.
max playing with blocks in the front room.
brennan at preschool.
chase just fed in high chair.
strapped in.
lovely, peaceful house.
i don't know how it caught my eye.
but it caught my eye.
sweet potatoes.
chase's hand in mouth.
tell sandie i have to get off the phone "right now."
grab chase's hand out of his mouth.
smell his hand.
smell his mouth.
smell his hand again.
traces of "NOT sweet potatoes" possibly lingering.
could not decipher if the smell was from the hand
OR mouth
OR both
OR from the NOT sweet potatoes smell he was sitting in.
sent max to get more wipes from the upstairs closet.
the entire way up i heard her repeating,
"uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh" in a happy carefree chant.
i, of course, took a picture to send to sandie.
and sean.
and linsey.
and natalie.
and once i cleaned everything up,
put the high chair cover in the washing machine,
wiped everything down three times,
and got chase in the sink for a bath,
i called natalie,
where she assured me "lots of babies eat their own poo,"
{she giggled a little bit too, which made me giggle, and confess of an incident with max two weeks ago}
"not to worry."
she said again.
then max and i got chase all dried off and lathered up in pink baby lotion,
into some clothes for the first time all day.
and started cleaning up blocks.
and then i saw it.
and smelled it.
a not so bad version of not sweet potatoes on max.
not from chase.
just max's turn.
and it had me laughing all over again.
and wishing i had waited to start the green button on my washing machine until after i had found what i found on max.
and this my friends is why every day is a laundry day in the gibson home.
and this is why i laugh,
take pictures,
and thank the good lord above for washing machines:)
THANK YOU for washing machines.
and sweet potatoes,
b/c at least we know chase is getting enough.
and in no need of suppositories any more.
i really have been meaning to wash the high chair cover.


The Jackson Family said...

I have a major case of the giggles now! Love the washing machine thumbs up!

Sue said...



VandyJ said...

As any mother of a small baby knows, the washing machine and the dryer are essential pieces of equipment.

Amy said...

Yucky! And how nice of Max to join in the party.