"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"i carried a watermelon." {timing is everything}

i went out to my yard this morning and said enough was enough.
i was PICKIN' ME some watermelons.
i've been patiently waiting for their curly-q to turn brown,
for their white spot on the bottom to turn yellow.
{i was hoping.}
and their thump to sound hollow.
my arm got all scratched up by the pumpkin leaves that have taken over the watermelon patch,
but i grabbed those two watermelons out one by one.
and let max wash the dirt off until they shined their beautiful green and white stripes,
looking for that yellow spot of theirs on the bottom,
like a mother looking to see if it's a boy or a girl.
i was a crazy looking happy person when i saw those two yellow spots.
they are heavy little ladies,
but i picked one up in each arm 
and felt like i should be walking into the dirty dancing employee dance shack 
looking for patrick swayze.
patrick swayze i did not find,
but i dare say 
those striped twins 
were pretty darn close 
after months of patiently waiting for them to be ripe.
brennan took my picture while i balanced them in each arm.
who needs cross fit when you have watermelons to carry around?
{and baby car seats i might also add}.
not me. not me.
so ladies and gentlemen,
i give you,
the two most beautifully ripened watermelons i have ever laid eyes upon.
i carried a watermelon!
that's what i will say when sean walks through the door.
except he won't think i'm weird or crazy,
{i will insist he call me Baby though--i always wanted that pink flow-ie dress she wore.}
b/c he will be just as crazy and happy to cut into them as me.
and then when he's telling me how awesome life is to grow watermelons in your backyard,
and how lucky he is to have such a life,
and such a GREAT wife,
will i ask him if he could 
please dump and clean up the baby pools i've left out all afternoon;)
timing is everything.
my daddy always taught me.
for watermelons too;)


becca said...

Yum fresh picked watermelon nothing better

Come Say HI

Lourie said...

Oh I bet they are going to be so yummy good! And yeah I totally would say the same thing, "I carried the watermelon."

Amy said...

Ha! Because that is what wives are best at. The timing and love to get husbands to help us with things, right? :) Love those watermelons. How did you learn how to pick them?