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Monday, September 17, 2012

for my porch.

while brennan was at preschool and chase was snoozing,
max and i chopped down our corn husks.
they will now happily dry themselves on my front porch.
and in the process, properly decorate my entrance for the fall.
this was the whole reason i grew these babies:)
i'm bursting with joy!
amazing how things grow.
click here and here.
pumpkins are next on my chopping block.
i can't wait to find out just how many are hiding under all of those monster leaves.
oh happy day:)
i love his chubby crossed fingers.
all fattened up for your viewing pleasure.
doctor approved.
{really, he did. approve him. chase is all up to par on his calories again. hooray!}
thank you body, you're


Sue said...

He looks plump and pretty!


becca said...

so chubby and adorable and Brennan is so cute
Come Say HI

Amy said...

Aw, adorable! Great reason to grow corn. Not for the vegetable, but for the stalks. Sounds so much like something I would do.