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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

chub-a-chubs learns to sit

{check out the changing leaves on the mountains--heart stopping beautiful.}
tonight while brennan played tball i started teaching chase how to sit up on his own.
i love propping my babies up in the grass and then letting them topple over into the soft green cushion it provides.
brennan used to scream when the grass would touch him,
but max and chase just lay there in bliss.
just happy to be alive and laying in the grass.
i was dying over chase's chubby thighs,
and couldn't stop laughing when he would lose his balance and roll backwards.
i would prop him up and position his legs to steady him,
then let go of his hands,
and cheer him on.
when brennan got up to bat i yelled a big "WOOOO!!!" and scared chase half to death.
his back.
looking stunned in a calm and confused kind of way.
after ten minutes of being a really good sport he face planted into my knee and cried a little.
i love his cry.
right into my neck.
all cozy and safe.
i'm really going to miss sitting on the grass watching brennan play tball.
last game next week.
go "bean-an"!!!


Sue said...

Cute and chubby!


becca said...

OMG how cute look at him go learning to sit up
Come Say HI

Amy said...

Milestones reached in the best way. Summer grass at a t-ball game. Love.