"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 27, 2012

if you're gonna spew, spew into this.

my sister in law, ashlie, had her second baby last friday night.
meet ellie.
she had me swooning over her tonight.
i got to meet the little doll for the first time and bring them dinner.
while max and chase napped and brennan watched scooby doo i made enchiladas.
complete with my homemade salsa in the sauce.
and homemade peanut butter cup truffles for dessert.
they were DE-LISH.
brennan didn't think so though.
b/c after two bites he curled over and told us his stomach hurt.
we excused him to play, 
and i assumed he was just too excited to play with grandma and grandpa's toys 
and would be back to finish his dinner later.
well ten minutes went by and mount Vesuvius erupted.
the women of the house were all in a stir.
b/c brennan was spewing.
in a 3 foot radius around himself.
i managed to pull him to the tiled area for the bulk of it,
but the carpet was still not spared.
and neither were my feet.
the kid has a forceful spew.
my eyes got really wide, 
and my heart was panicking with my 6 day old niece sleeping on the sofa ten feet away.
with her little brother playing cars with brennan all night.
my mother in law went running for pots, hot water, and soap.
we banished brennan to a towel and stripped him down.
max kept saying, "yucky puke!"
i reassured brennan that he was not in trouble 
{for some reason he thought he was},
and that the hot water and soap were not to wash him down with, 
{he thought we were going to clean him with it.}
seconds after he spewed he asked for dessert, 
{so much like his mama, haha},
and then burst into tears when i told him that would not be happening.
he settled for a red otter pop instead.
while he nursed his otter pop,
i rounded up all of my cubs,
apologized a gazillion times,
and drove us home with chase crying all the way.
max and chase got to watch a show on the couch with sippy cups of apple juice,
while i put chase to bed and washed off my feet in the sink.
then sean came home from boxing and helped us all up to bed.
completed by him telling brennan one of his nightly bedtime stories. 
this time about how superhero green lantern pukes into the puke bowl 
if he has to puke in the middle of the night.
always making sure to not spill the puke bowl on the way to tell his parents he puked.
life lessons my friends, 
and then i laid with him while he fell asleep.
and i fell asleep too. 
i fear this will not be the last of this.
but it may in fact get us out of doing anything productive tomorrow.
oh how i hope everyone else will be spared.


Kindra said...

We ALL had it last week, yuck! I read this the day Matthew got it (he was the first one to get it) I didn't do it, sounded crazy to me. Now I wish I would have at least tried! So easy!Good Luck! Hope it stops at him!

Amy said...

Oh, poor you! I certainly hope you are all over that yucky stuff! Wow. What a way to welcome the baby. And of course he would want dessert. Especially with the way you cook! :)
Love that photo of Max, and the Green Lantern story. Ha! So clever!