"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, September 24, 2012


while in california,
chase developed a fancy for organic baby oatmeal.
there's an entire store for things of this nature in my hometown.
two if you count cunha's.
i COUNT cunha's b/c they didn't sell gerber oatmeal there either.
we got all glammed up for paige and teddy's big day,
{my parents included}
dancing shoes and a twirly skirt for me.
brightly colored dress for sandie {i loved},
suit for dad,
collared shirt, strapping plaid shorts for chase.
hair rollers.
eye liner. eye shadow.
for me.
no pampering expense was spared.
baby man chase was a great date.
and cheap.
in a good way;)
and the bride, 
my lovely and long time friend paige 
{from our cheerleading days} 
was the most beautiful bride i have ever laid eyes upon.
oh to be with my girlfriends from my high school days again.
i wanted to hug and kiss them all a hundred times over.
and am sure i came fairly close to achieving it.
my favorite part of the night was breaking it down with my girls to "our song".
none other than mariah carry's "HEARTBREAKER."
and make no mistake,
we still know all of the words.
{and i still know the words i came up with--i'm famous for singing the wrong words.}
the dance floor didn't know what hit it;)
{the only thing we were missing was paige's ghetto caddy and the football field.}
the rest of my trip was spent hitting up my traditional hometown food spots {TRESsssssss},
shopping with my stepmom at our favorite baby boutique in town,
and introducing chase to my aunt and grandparents for the first time.
we landed in salt lake during the last minutes of sunday night,
it smelled like rain when we walked off of the plane.
linsey picked us up and delivered us home.
and it was officially monday when we walked through our front door.
sean sleepily told me he was "so glad" i was back,
and "so glad" he "got to go back to work tomorrow."
and how he "doesn't know how i do it."
{i don't know how he enjoys "going to work" everyday. WIN/WIN.}
such a champ to brave the "BIGS" by himself.
such a gift to get a weekend alone with my baby man chase:)
chase has never looked so excited to be back with his crew again this morning.
nothing like a monday to get you back into your groove.

thank you brooke.
your stroller was a lifesaver.


becca said...

fun time and chase is getting so big

Amy said...

You are gorgeous! Love the photo of you in the rollers. What a fun time for you to reunite with your friends. Glorious time for you!