"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

letters to Emily {grocery shopping & Paris}

Dear Emily,

Did you know Peach Salsa happens to be on my top 10 favorite food list? THANK YOU EMILY!!! I love that you labeled my name on one of your jars....made me chuckle and smile. Okay the biscuit story had me in tears! Brennon really throwing up!? Pillsbury make good biscuits, but if you want a quick way to make biscuits then I would go with Bisquick brand. You usually mix it with just water, and they end up tasting pretty good. But if you are crazy, which I know you are, then home make them, because I LIKE CRAZY when it comes to the kitchen. By the way made homemade ricotta cheese....I will never go back to buying it ever again!! It is so easy and cost efficient. Around here anyway. You HAVE to try it. click HERE.

I am so excited to see you! I bet little Max isn't so little anymore. Where did you get the delicious chicken pot pie recipe from? I would love love to try it! I will tell you a funny story about going to the grocery store. I ride my bike to the grocery store and bring my children's bike trailer attached to my bike, so when I buy groceries I can just bring them back in the trailer, it's great. Anyway, I decided to bring Bear with me. Bad idea. I went to DM first, (which is a toiletries store) to get diapers paper towels, wipes, and toilet paper. Holding Bear on my hip I load the stuff in the back of the trailer thinking, "Okay, I haven't got food yet but I think Bear and the food will fit." Go to Aldi (grocery store) and get a load of food. Go to load it in the trailer. First put Bear in. Fits. Then the first bag of groceries, fits (barely), I have four more huge bags left. Oh no. Barely fit the next one, Bear's head is now slightly visible. I have two big bags of groceries left. What do I do? Well, I wear one of the bags on my back (wearing it like a backpack), and I take out the toilet paper, which comes with a handle, and slide it onto my handle bar. Well, this works. Then as I just start peddling away HUGE, I mean HUGE hail starts to come down, lightning, and everyone on the streets scatter to awnings. So I had to bike under a bank awning, with some lady smoking and laughing at my appearance. I had to agree with her. I looked pathetic. Bear was enjoying the groceries smashing him, he was playing with the bag of lettuce. And just waiting for the hail to stop. Stop it did. But the rain came. Fat rain. Still just waiting and then Bear gets mad. So I breast fed him under the awning with rain pouring like crazy. So fun. Well, It stopped, and I got home looking like a hot mess! What adventures we have as moms. I must say the weather is great, and I went to Paris!! It was nostalgic and beautiful. I had one of the best dishes I have ever had in my life, if not THE best dish I have ever had. It had clams and oysters, over hand made noodles with a white wine butter sauce and shaved parmesan. Wowzers. A-MAZE-ing. My sister is getting married so I will be flying out on the 13th of November. I am so excited. These are things I am looking forward to coming back to the USA. Mexican food. Family. Friends. Mexican food. Did I already say mexican food? Really, I am missing it. Here are some pictures from the Paris trip and some recent ones of my fam and Heidelberg! Love you!



Sue said...

I want to be there!

(but maybe without kids...)


Emmy said...

Of course it had to start hailing then! Poor thing.

Amy said...

What a perspective. What memories she is making. What a life to live. Sigh.