"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, September 14, 2012

rivalry week & september

"it's rivalry week. we sleep in our gear."
-sean gibson
{the big byu/utah game is tomorrow. GO COUGS!!!}
{our flag is already flying}
walking down the stairs yesterday morning brennan says to sean,
"mom's been freakin' me out lately."
what the?!?
funny kid.
i wish it could be september all summer long.
the days are warm.
some even hot enough for sunscreen.
but usually i'm just too lazy to put it on all of us by now.
the nights cool by 6 o'clock.
i love leaving my windows open in the afternoon while i make dinner. 
to let the breeze fill my home.
with the smell of trees and roses.
the flies and bees buzz around my kitchen.
they annoy me.
the cool air at night lets me cover myself in every ounce of my down comforter.
it makes me not want to get out of bed in the mornings:)
we watch the birds eat the sunflower seeds out back.
our man made bird feeder.
so proud:)
i pick the tomatoes less and less.
the sunflowers are so big, 
i am sure the birds think they are sitting on the branches of a tree.
we love to watch them pick out the seeds from our dinner table with the back door open.
the big and fat blue feathered ones are my favorite.
their long elegant tales are beautiful.
the days are shorter.
the mornings are longer.
or darker at first.
i'm starting to cook soups, chilis, and bake things in my oven more.
i have no desire to water our lawn or turn on our air conditioner anymore.
i can hear the kids chattering and running to the bus stop in the mornings. 
i never knew i had a love obsession with september.
until now:)


Emmy said...

Well who wouldn't love September with a description like that!!

And yes so so excited/nervous for tomorrow!!

becca said...

sounds like a beautiful scene out of a book love it

Sue said...

I love September best of all! And October and November, too.


Amy said...

Brennan looks so old in that photo! September has always been my favorite month of the year. I am so happy you have discovered the joys of it. Lovely, right?!