"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 23, 2012

the day after thanksgiving

after we put the kids to bed,
sean and i watched "home for the holidays."
our family classic.
that i've been watching thanksgiving night with my family for as long as i can remember.
or 12 years old.
or something.
most people don't like the movie when we show it to them.
too awkward.
or true.
we spent the night laughing at the movie quotes we look forward to oh so very much all year round.
i texted my brother the entire night with my favorite lines.
then when he started watching it at his house,
he started texting me his favorites.
it was almost as good as watching it together.

some of my favorites:
"when you go home do you look around and think, 'who are these people?!'"

"par par, bogey bogey, par par."

"this is not my enormous coat."

"you know, i have this fantasy. you want to hear about it?"

"and we won't even take pictures. so no one will be the wiser. except us."

"too much stuff!!!"

some of adam's favorites:
"isn't your coat extinct?"
"yes, but it wasn't...when i bought it."
"well then, you did your part didn't you?"

"your mother uses that orange lipstick all the prostitutes love."

"best moment of my life. 10 seconds. tops."

"didn't you have a girlfriend?"
"yea, then she went and married my best buddy....and then my parents went and died on me."
"maybe next year will be better for you."
"yea, or worse. merry christmas if i don't ever see you again."

"shoveling turkey and stuffing the snow! as i was saying, God, before my wife interrupted me."
and then we both agreed that we cry at the end of the movie 
every time we watch it.
b/c we're cute like that.
happy thanksgiving.


becca said...

wow lots of leftovers i'll be over for pie

Amy said...

I have been meaning to watch that since I first started reading your blog. For years, now! Maybe this year I will find it and be able to watch it. I am sure I will love it because awkwardness cracks me up.