"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

typically priceless

{don't mind my crazy eye. it's lazy.}
{AND it's beauty mark. not a mole. just sayin'}
i go months without going out with any friend,
and then BAM!
it was like christmas morning!
lunch with beth and her baby bear.
4 little babes in all.
dinner with ann marie,
and movies with she, linsey and marie.
who knew a girl could be so rich with friends.
linsey smuggled in a slew of treats.
i provided the $1 soda mugs.
which i won a free refill for my next visit if it's in the next 30 days.
the cashier told me it's more fun when someone wins one of those when they don't have a mug.
i smiled and told ann marie i was glad we upgraded 
to the large popcorn for the extra $1 since, you know, 
I WON a FREE  $1 refill after all.
a dollar's a dollar ya'll.
and my friends,
well they're priceless.
don't worry,
we had the row of ladies in front of us 
take three shots 
before we decided to take this one of our own means, 
squished in together, 
and agreed upon the black and white filter.
typically priceless.


Sue said...

What fun for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving, Em.


PS. When you get a minute, hop on over and check out my Christmas story poem. I put it on early this year. (Leave the volume up, the music adds...)

Amy said...

Days full of friends are the equivalent to a child's Christmas morning. Full of splendor, surprises and oohing and aahing. What a fun day you had!!