"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, November 24, 2012

we hope it's not

new rule:
when taking down the tramp for winter,
no kids are allowed to jump on the tramp in the process.
enclosure was undone at the bottom,
brennan tried bouncing off of it like he always does,
and there he went,
flying right off of the side of the tramp.
on the ground.
i saw the whole thing.
finger's crossed that brennan doesn't have a broken arm.
verdict's still not in.
but he CAN do a push up.
so i think that's a pretty good sign.
just don't press down on his forearm.
he gets mad.
and starts to wail.
it's not pretty.
poor guy.
he now knows that he can't fly.
 {chase only wants to look at everyone else's books. i say, go get 'em chase, 
give those big kids all you've got! it's payback time.}


becca said...

aw poor Brennan learning the hard way he can't fly and wow what a cute picture of the kids

Sue said...

Those tramps are a little treacherous, aren't they?


Amy said...

That is the reason I cannot convince Jeffrey that we need a trampoline. Too dangerous, he says. Yet he grew up with one and never got hurt. Keith is very cautious. Though Faye would probably get mangled because she is far too adventurous for her own good. Which is probably his reasoning. Sigh. Sad for Brennan, though. Hurt arms are no fun.