"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 29, 2012

simply having a wonderful christmas time...{it was}

it took us about 20 minutes to wake max up on christmas morning.
bless her.
we had been holding brennan off since 7:15am 
watching movies on our phone in max's old room.
then finally at 8:30am he couldn't take it any more.
so we opened the blinds,
while brennan paced in circles,
and rubbed max's legs to try to wake her up.
brennan started yelling at max {she stayed asleep},
brennan started crying,
we took away her blanket,
she rolled over {and stayed asleep},
we took away her binky,
and finally she opened one eye.
then sean ran down the stairs to turn the video camera on,
while i made everybody go pee and corralled the crew in the upstairs hall.
brennan jumped up and down saying,
"i was a good boy!!!!!! i was a good boy!!!! santa's real!!!"
max stood there looking like she was ready to go back to bed if we didn't hurry,
and chase stayed fast asleep in his closet room OVER the stairs until 9:30am.
chase spent the day rolling around in the wrapping paper, happy as a clam.
max finally "got it" this year and kept asking, "where's my 'nother present?!" after each one she opened,
and brennan mastered the tricks of getting spider-man to climb up his stunt city without using his hands.
the super heroes AND the mermaids played in the dream doll house.
brennan stole prince eric and played with him almost as much as spider-man.
i stayed in my pajamas until 3pm and brushed my teeth around 4.
sean unwrapped, un-twined, freed, and cut out toys for hours on end.


sean's mom's famous egg casserole
chocolate croissants
tom & jerry's warmed tottie {minus the rum}
baked brie
meatballs on sticks
grandma max's ham rolls
berry and peach & apple bubbly

{compliments of Grandma Carol} 
prime rib
waldorf salad
baked potatoes
grandma max's sweet potatoes
hot rolls
baby carrots
pink berry bubbly
 and brennan took about a million pictures with his little camera
of spider-man climbing stunt city, people's nostrils, and the carpet.
but my favorite was when he took a picture of me taking a picture of him.

it was a dream day sitting in our front room together.
i sat on the floor and closed my eyes REALLY tight just to make sure it was real.
it was:)


becca said...

wow 8:30 we started Christmas here at 6am and recipe for casserole plz

Miss Angie said...

That looks like such a great Christmas, having littles that get so excited really brings it home! I can't wait to have that one day!

Amy said...

I am in love with the sleepy Max picture. Adorable!
What a wonderful Christmas you had. Delicious, too.