"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 31, 2012

no more partridge & a pear tree {goodbye 2012}

{i had to start keeping a list to keep everyone and their drugs straight.}
{i wish chase had only woken up to get his motrin at 4am. t'was not so...}
with 2 fevers, 1 puker, and another one with a messed up foot,
we gibson's are hoping to leave all of our ailments in 2012!!!
{and maybe even some of the sleepless nights?!}
after a whopping 3 hours of sleep last night at 2 different times,
all of our party plans have been canceled.
i'm thinking it might not be so bad to put the kids to bed early,
and celebrate all by ourselves.
i am still in my pajamas at 2:09pm,
a vision of beauty for sean to come home to indeed!
{he is SO lucky, and i am too}.
i did manage to brush my teeth around noon,
so i'm calling it a "win."
my new year's eve will REALLY be the cherry on top if i get a shower before the ball drops.
and we don't end up at the pediatrician's office.
have no fear, i won't be letting all of these germs get in the way of my food festivities.
the show must go on!
menu and recipes below...
happy new year!!!
{it has to be a flu that wasn't in our flu shot. THE PITS!!!}
{it's either a flu that wasn't in our flu shot or another ear infection}
{the athlete's foot cream messed up his foot}
the menu
whipping cream egg nog 
{tammy's recipe--this will be MY main course}
homemade whole wheat pizzas
artichoke dip 
{tammy's recipe also--she always makes REALLY good stuff}
remember here?
artichoke dip recipe here?
apple bubbly
you're welcome,
in advance.
{seriously, get to the store and make some for tonight!}
bring on the Wii!!!
{but no more partridge and a pear tree.}


Amy said...

Oh, your poor family! I am so sorry that everyone is sick. And that foot! How sad! As a kid i used to have athlete's foot. Selson blue (shampoo) on the foot really helps to clean it up. Good luck with the sickies.

Sue said...