"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"all you need is love" and a job.

after he painted his belly button...
"is it going to be there forever?"
then he tried to paint his tongue...
"is it in my mouth? is it on my tongue?"
"don't paint your tongue."
valentine's day.
they were already in underwear.
it was extra convenient.
so i pulled out the REAL paint for the very first time, 
and taped down paper grocery sacks to our kitchen table.
extra on max's side b/c her body art kept self-paining the sides.
i taped down the paint plate.
this was smartest moment of my entire life.
b/c max tried to pick it up halfway through and she couldn't.
i was beaming with preventative pride.
most of the colors were all mixed together by the second set of hearts.
everything pretty much merged together into one color of pink.
brennan got red paint in his hair.
which was great b/c out of all of the paints, the red was the only one that wasn't washable.
but like i said,
they were only in their underwear so it worked out great.
i'm guessing the red in his hair will be there until we shave his head this summer.
only 3 people have noticed so far.
they lasted for 10 hearts all together.
over half an hour.
i was shocked.
by the 10th heart,
their bodies were the main canvasses, 
and brennan dropped one of his hearts face down on the carpet. 
so we washed everyone down at the kitchen sink,
threw our paint brushes in cups,
and got dressed for the zoo.
40* and sunny is basically summer.
we barely needed our coats.
we came home with sunburned faces, minus brennan with his olive skin.
and were completely exhausted.
at 6:15pm sean and i finally looked at each other and decided maybe we should make something for dinner,
it being valentine's day and all.
so i threw some bow tie pasta in boiling water, 
cooked a pan of meatballs, 
and put it all in a homemade alfredo sauce.
with red drinks and strawberries on the side,
just so we had something fancy for the festivities of the lover's day it was.
we were all asleep before 10.
and when i said my prayers that night i thanked god for all of the love he has brought into my life.
and in the most cliche of ways i whispered to sean that all you need is love:)
"john lennon, smart man."
and sean said, "does that mean i can quit my job?"
and i said "no." 
b/c even john lennon needed a job.


Sue said...

They do good work.


Amy said...

And the best mom award goes to... Emily! For letting her kids be messy kids and not worrying about it, and then taking them to the zoo, and finding small ways to make every moment of their lives special. You are amazing.