"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i'll probably just do it all over again tonight.

i stayed up until 1am watching downton abbey for the first time last night. 
who knew a pbs show would EVER keep me up that late. 
let the games begin:)
chase was up at 1:30am.
and brennan came in at 6am.
i need a nap.
but i'll probably just do it all over again tonight.
at 5pm yesterday i was sitting in the sunlight of the big room watching my kids play.
max and brennan were on the stairs with their "guys," 
and chase was patting his hands up and down on the entry step.
he was showing off his new trick to sean.
standing up.
and then all of a sudden he lifted his left leg up onto the single step 
and crawled right up onto the entry pad.
and then he crawled up three more stairs to be with his brother and sister.
sean and i cheered in excitement for him,
and then exasperated "ohhhhhhhhh!!!!" {hands on our foreheads}.
baby gate time.
i pulled out his little walker from the basement while sean dusted off the baby gate, 
and then chase pushed it around like a little old man the rest of the night.
i took about a million pictures and 5 videos of it all.
he was so proud.
cute. cute. cute.
who does he think he is growing up so fast!?
i'm so excited for him and his new adventures.
send reinforcements! 
trouble is now around every corner AND climbing the stairs.
max got into the strawberries while we were putting up the baby gate.
one bite out of each.
can't figure out where she would have learned something like that.


Sue said...

What a cute boy he is!


Amy said...

I love the tongue poking out picture. Such chubby and squishable cheeks! You are in trouble now with the walking and climbing. :)
Faye does the same thing with strawberries. Well, nearly. She eats the whole thing, stem and all. But if we have any, she will sniff them out and eat them all. I think our girls would be good friends.