"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


the thermastat in my car said 70* at 3:30pm today on our way to the family yard.
chase and i both had red faces tonight at dinner.
it was cloudy, i swear.
i even thought about how it surely didn't feel hot enough today to get a sunburn.
brennan spent 5 minutes telling johnny how to spell "brennan" in the sand this afternoon.
when brennan writes his "n"s they look more like "h"s, 
so he was all put out that johnny was writing real "n"s that looked like actual "n"s.
finally, he just took matters into his own hands and used his finger to write it for himself,
proudly declaring, "this is what my name looks like usually."
he's got conviction.
that's for sure.
johnny and i just laughed.
max begged everyone to push her on the swings the entire time we were there.
and every time a new cousin would walk out,
she would run up to them,
give them a hug,
and with a big smile ask, 
"you PAY wit me?! you swing me?!"
how can you say no to that?
no one said no.
but one by one they all got tired,
so she eventually settled for getting her feet buried in the sand.
chase ate about a bucket of sand,
and washed it down with his very first bottle of ice cold cow's milk.
he threw the sand behind him and crawled all over the entire yard like a Tasmanian devil.
at some point, i am just going to start calling him Taz.
i love my little carrot top.
everyone was asleep in about 2.5 seconds tonight. 
it was great, great, great.
i think we finally have that ol' daylight savings switch beat.
i vow to go into the basement and dig out the sunscreen bag tomorrow.


Susan Anderson said...

Cousin time is great. Especially when you need a push on the swing. Or want to show off your art!

Annoying when the older kids try to have their way with your name, though...


Amy said...

Max knows how to work people, that is for sure. Smart girl.
Jealous of the family yard, as always.