"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 15, 2013

don't tell me it's not june, i won't believe you:)

last night the air smelled like summer.
the most delicious smell!
i pulled out the baby pools from the basement and slathered on the sunscreen.
i should have slathered on a second coat though 
b/c max's cheeks and shoulders are bright red this morning.
brooke drove down from park city at the last minute and it felt like it really was summer.
when we went to fill up the smaller blue pool, 
two spiders went running across the floor of the blue plastic.
so i grabbed a red lightening mcqueen cup and scooped them up,
and brooke identified our spiders on the internet.
she likes doing stuff like that.
a daring jumping spider.
that's what we had.
and here i thought i was being paranoid when i just didn't feel right about getting up close to this one.
the white spot on his back freaked me out.
call it intuition {or paranoia}, but i tell ya,
my inner self knew he was a jumper.
anyway, the dramatics were unnecessary as usual 
b/c it turns out the things are harmless to humans.
except for the part where they bite you if they feel threatened,
but even then their venom will only be dangerous if you are allergic to venom.
after 4 hours of having him swim for his life in the little mcqueen cup 
while the kids played in the water and ate the season's first round of Popsicles,
i finally decided to set him free in the garden strip along the fence.
the sun has put me into a good mood of epic proportions.
don't tell me it's not june.
i won't believe you:)
it's a jungle over here.
to the left of my kitchen sink.
 i'm am always so amazed at how a tiny little seed 
can push its way up through the dirt to find the light.
can't wait for the peas to pop out in the garden.


jen said...

It feels like June here, too. 95 yesterday. Yuck.

Brooke said...

Best day! THanks for having us!

Brooke said...

Best day! Thanks for having us!!!