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Monday, March 11, 2013

the meanest mom on the block {seeds}

 over the weekend my little seeds started sprouting.
the saran wrap must have done the trick b/c i have never had seeds sprout in 4 days.
so exciting to watch them all POP!
i am convinced that my kids think that i am the meanest mom.
and their friends too.
it was like pulling teeth to keep them outside with me today.
and brennan was the worst.
every time i turned around he was convincing the other kids to come inside with him to watch a show.
i kept shooing them back outside to play in what felt like the warmest weather 
of the new season that is upon us.
my lips and face were sunburned by the end of the night.
i always think i don't need sunscreen in the spring,
and then i always get sunburned.
when will my fair irish skin and i learn???
for two hours they ran inside, and i chased them out.
they played pirate ship,
swung on the swings,
invited more friends in,
rode bikes,
drew with chalk,
filled up the dump trucks in the sandbox,
relentlessly teased the girls,
ate grapes and marshmallows,
drank chocolate milks,
and even helped me plant one seed each.
after one turn of planting the peas they were all over it.
i was shocked.
the baby man cruised around the yard exploring is brand new big outside world.
i don't think i've had him out in the grass like that since last november.
he loved it.
the freedom of the big open space,
and the wind in his pretty red hair.
i love the way the sun makes his blonde eyelashes and blue eyes shine.
the bite in the air is gone.
there is still a chill,
but the bite is gone.
even in the mornings:)
no coat,
no shoes,
no problem.
my kids are crazy for hours after bedtime right now.
enough to make a person want to move to arizona.
or hawaii i guess.
but man i love that it's still light out at 7pm.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Meanest Mom means best Mom, I've decided. It means you are doing a good job.
Isn't this weather glorious?