"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

hammer marks in the paint

it took us two days to buy everything.
4 trips to home depot.
half a day to get the wood to the proper lengths.
who knew the left wall would be a half an inch shorter than the right?
not me.
which is why when i measured the right side to be 24",
i figured i'd need two 24" pieces of ply wood.
i was wrong.
then it took half a day to caulk and paint.
which i did during the sleeping hours of the night.
then 2 hours to tape off the delicate parts and finish up painting.
which i did during some people's sleeping hours of the night.
then an afternoon to hammer half of the hardware knobs.
and another afternoon to hammer the other half of the hardware and knobs.
projects with little kids require phases.
this is what i'm learning.
we had no idea what we were getting into,
but i'm so glad we got into it.
i love to paint.
very therapeutic.
sean is handy with a nail gun.
who knew?
lesson learned: it always takes longer and more work than you think it will take and be.
kind of like raising kids.
good thing though,
b/c even with the hold ups and the mistakes,
and the hammer marks in the paint,
i'm so happy with how it's turning out.
the closet too;)

anyone else think i have the downstairs of downton abbey in my coat closet now??? 
genius by mistake:) glory be!
a big thanks to the heyborne family for loaning us their nail gun!
coming soon: the OFFICIAL after picture.

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Amy said...

Gorgeous, and I LOVE all the hooks! I also love how you and Sean work on projects together. What fun for the two of you.