"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, April 25, 2013

dear max

dear max,
every day this week you have gone into my closet before you even go pee in the morning to try on 5 different pairs of my shoes.
then you finally go pee, and try on five more.
at which point you start to peruse through my jewelry.
you broke three of my necklaces in one day.
i didn't get mad at you,
{seriously, i give myself an A+ for that one},
but i don't let you wear my necklaces anymore,
i did however find a slew of necklaces that i don't mind if you break.
so you wear those.
but still ask me to wear my nice fancy ones.
and i start to think i should let you.
b/c you ask really sweet and all,
but then i remember how you broke 3 in one day,
and i decide to not let you.
you are always nice about it too.
and you really love the others i rounded up anyway.
especially the three pack of plastic heart ones we got from walmart for valentine's day for 99 cents.
those are your favorites.
and they match all of your outfits.
it's soooooooo cute.
you left one in the nursery closet at church on sunday,
but you told the nursery leaders it was fine b/c you had lots more at home.
that's a direct quote.
you have asked me to paint your fingernails and toe nails every day for the past three days.
you wanted red the first day.
pink the second day.
and pink the third day.
the red dried fast and you went on your way.
we had to paint the pink three times on the second day b/c it was slow drying and you kept knocking your toes and fingers into each other and table and smudging the paint completely off.
you got really sad.
so i kept painting them.
and then they dried,
and you said you were happy again.
and then you ran off to show dad and brennan.
i didn't paint your nails pink the third day.
but i did let you go through my make up and do yours and mine,
except mascara b/c let's be honest,
i have lines i must draw,
and it's at mascara.
it makes my eyes itch anyway.
i love you,
{lining up your favorite pairs of shoes, with one for the road.}
{9am mani/pedi per your request}


becca said...

oh wow you have a little diva there don't you but so cute

Sue said...

You're lucky. Karin was SO not a girly girl. And being the only girl I had, I kinda wish she would have let me do her hair, nails, etc. But no such luck.


PS. Thankfully, she's much better about such things now...

Amy said...

She is such a girl, and so cute at it! I love the letters to your kids.