"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 27, 2013

i've got you babe {climb on}

oh today!
it was just the most wonderful day.
the kids woke up and fought all through breakfast,
except chase,
he just ate his banana and drank his milk,
and then yelled at me until i brought him his scrambled eggs,
then he ate those too,
and then he was happy.
i did my hair and makeup and gathered all of my plans for tonight on a blank piece of white printer paper.
along with every gift card i've been hoarding since before christmas.
b/c when you're anniversary falls on a wednesday,
you celebrate on saturday:)
and oh i planned a day!
starting at 2pm.
we started off with rock climbing.
i thought i was going to just walk right in and repel myself around.
who knew it was actual exercise to climb???
aMAZing exercise.
b/c you don't even feel like you're exercising.
at least not until you can't lift your arms or hold yourself in standing position.
then you think, "oh hey, i think i'm exercising."
after an hour of climbing up and down and around,
our arms were complete jello.
i told sean i didn't think i would even be able to lift my fork up to my mouth during dinner.
not to worry, i could.
the first time i climbed up on the wall i had a hard time letting go.
my inner control freak was waving its panic flag.
i just kept looking down and thinking that someone should really be watching us to make sure we were doing it right,
and what about those ropes,
accidents happen!
and that's when it hit me,
i just needed to trust that sean had my back.
and to just get over my worries b/c he had everything under control.
and i thought about how i didn't even plan for rock climbing to be about strengthening our actual relationship.
i just thought it would be something a really cool wife would do.
you know,
take her husband rock climbing.
and it was.
SOOOOO super "100-30-17" cool.
as brennan would say.
except for the harness all up and around your butt and stuff.
i'm pretty sure i looked liked tom cruise in mission impossible 2 climbing those walls,
except i'm sure i didn't actually look like that in real life,
but my brain thought i did,
so i did.
the first time i climbed up i turned around about a third of the way up, 
and realized that maybe i was scared of heights.
b/c man my stomach was telling me i was.
and so i just sailed my way back down to the ground.
man, i love the coming back down.
so free.
so absolutely care free.
like an up and down swing.
but up on that wall, where you're hanging on,
and you think your arms are the only things holding you up,
and then you remember that even though your instincts are telling you that you're going to fall and hit the ground,
your brain knows you're not.
b/c you've got this awesome rope,
and awesome guy named sean keeping you safe.
the second time i made it halfway up,
but was still just too scared to go all the way up.
i mean, one little rope and one little caribeaner and a rope that could just slip right out!
after two attempts i finally decided i was going to go to the very top.
and i wasn't going to look back.
and when i finally got to the top, 
i looked out of the roof window and saw the jordan river temple.
and it was gorgeous.
and then i looked down and saw sean looking back up at me.
and i knew that i could just let go and i wouldn't fall.
my arms felt like they were going to melt off of me they were so tired.
you're supposed to say take, but i just yelled that i was "coming down now."
and then i heard sean yell up "i've gotcha ya."
and i let go and i just hung up there in the air, twirling around on my rope,
free as i could possibly be.
and i felt like i was a kid.
not a care in the world,
and i knew that sean had me.
and i was all, "everybody should do this with their spouse!"
and then i thought about how i am so cheesy and melodramatic sometimes.
and then it was sean's turn,
and when he was coming down my hair got caught in the belay thing like a piece of fabric going up the wrong way in a sewing machine.
i was almost in a pickle with it too,
but the instructor walked by just as it was getting sucked through 
and grabbed onto the rope to give it slack until my hair was threaded out.
with sean hanging up at the very top of the rock in the air,
and he was all, "i was just coming over to tell you to watch out for your hair getting stuck."
and i was all, "yeah, thanks for coming by!"
really dodged the bullet on that one folks.
that's for sure.
so finally after an hour, our arms stopped working,
and that's when we realized that our legs had pretty much stopped working too,
so we decided to call climbing quits,
SHOPPING was next:)
and OH let me tell you,
it was the kind of shopping day you LIVE for.
where everything you loved fit,
like AMAZING fit.
and you found everything you loved the minute you walked into the store.
do you know those days?
i found polka dot pants and mint green pants, and maxi skirts galore.
and i told sean how i totally remembered how much i used to LOVE shopping,
for days just like these.
and then i changed into my new skirt and shirt in the parking lot of bucca's,
in between two different couples walking by.
almost giving the second lady quite the show.
then we stuffed ourselves with pasta, raspberry cream sodas, calamari, and eggplant parmigiana.
and completed our night with a movie on the silver screen.
the jackie robinson one.
and the entire way home we talked about it.
what we thought,
how it made us think about the past, the present, and the future,
and it just reminded me about how when you're doing great things,
sometimes it doesn't feel like anyone else thinks you're doing great things,
but you're STILL doing great things.
and i just couldn't stop telling sean how i just love that we are doing great things.
{and about how i couldn't believe how sore i was from climbing.
but not in a complaining way,
just in a who knew we were going to exercise today kind of way.}
{sean is the cutest.}

BIG thanks to: 
linsey YA-YA tanner, 
and mary 
for taking care of our little kiddos all day.
you were the filling in our pie.
the baseball in our pitch.
the....right, just stop...;)
{while we were gone. how cute are all of those cousins of ours?}
{mary holding chase, max in outfit number 2-still haven't heard about that yet-
and 2 ruff's with brennan on the swings. man, i love them.}
{i think i might sleep in my new skirt. no really.}


becca said...

what fun and that rock climbing seriously i want to try that

Sue said...

Can't think of a better way to spend your anniversary.


Amy said...

Rock climbing is one of my favorite things to do ever. I have never been to a wall, though, just the rocks and mountains. I think I will have to try it sometime. What a wonderful anniversary!