"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 4, 2013

club for cool guys

{yep, they're doing what you think they're doing in my front flower bed.}
Cade: "Brennan, you have to come over tomorrow so we can play stuff cause that's our club."
Brennan: "What club? Like clubs for cool guys?"
Cade: "Yea, we have a club for us cool guys and we do stuff at our club."
Brennan: "We're cool guys and cool guys are in a club."
{the boys would play and then max would raise both of her arms up and shout with joy "batgirl! i LOVE her!" every time she saw her come on the screen.}
max is in their club most of the time.
except when she's not.
she cries.
and then one of them says she can be in their club.
and then hug,
and make up,
or max sometimes still goes and pouts.
i like it better when they make up.
and then everybody usually cries when it's time to go home.
and they try to count out how many sleeps it's going to be until they can play again next.
Brennan: "mom, i wish cade was my brother so he could stay all night and sleep here. i wish that cade was my brother so i could have two brothers. cade and chaser. so we could all be brothers together."
there's absolutely nothing better than a best friend.
at any age:)


Sue said...

True dat.


Amy said...

Max's hair is so pretty! That first picture had me laughing. Lucky boy to have such a great best friend.