"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, May 2, 2013

like peter pan with a bar of soap.

{i love polka dots.}
it never ceases to amaze me what a long chat, a good laugh, and full night's sleep can do for me.
i woke up this morning ready to conquer the world.
just when i feel like i can't take max and brennan stripping the flesh off of each other every second of every minute of every single day,
and i can't muster the patience to pull chase away from the computer tower one more time while i'm trying to make dinner,
it all changes.
and life gets easier again.
and i can breathe.
and the clouds lift,
the sun comes out,
and the warm of it all hits my face like a Hawaiian vacation.
unless you've never been to hawaii,
and then maybe it hits you like the utah sun in july.
when troy is running his ice cream machine and making slushies by the pool.
tiger's blood slushies:)
or when i'm sitting on my back patio with brooke sipping strawberry lemonade, 
and the kids are eating an entire bag of twin pops and jumping between two baby pools and the slip slide.
slathered in so much sunscreen that their bodies are glistening in the light of the sun.
or when linsey and i are sitting on the front porch steps and the sun it setting, we are braiding hair, and corralling kids out of the street when the cars go by.
like when sean and i have just bathed all of the kids, tucked them into their beds for the night,
with the hot july sun setting in the west and wasatch mountains glowing pink behind our house,
sunflowers towering over freshley mowed grass, 
i can almost smell the grass.
and the pumpkin plants have grown a jungle against our fence,
the tomatoes are hanging off of their branches,
the red jumping out from a mile away against their green leaves.
and the corn stalks are stretching up to the heavens, leaving their shadows behind them.
like peter pan with a bar of soap.
kind of like all of that:)


becca said...

the kids are growing so fast and that apple must be mighty tasty. So happy to hear you are having a great day

Amy said...

You amaze and inspire me. Enough said.