"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 21, 2013

and that was just the first day:)

i lose all sense of time and day.
we learn that our 3 kids cannot share the same room.
good to know.
i have a kink in my neck from sleeping in the car yesterday.
sean and i wake board for the first time in two years.
it really is just like riding a bike.
kelsey and i float in the cove and talk about life 
while the kids swim and chase naps.
we marvel in the genius of what is the frosty cooler mug.
gampa makes his famous "poppers."
the nightly sunset cruises begin.
and we stay up late watching surfing documentaries.

gampa's poppers
don't want your 15 mo old 
running around your boat?
hook him up on the water ski pole 
by his life jacket strap. 
both functional AND entertaining.
my dad is just like his dad.
grandpa joe would have done the same thing.
with the same little smirk as my dad.
chase wasn't pleased.
best laugh of the entire trip. 
{gampa P, aunt kelsey, brennan, sean, max, chase, gamma sandie}
 and that was just the first day:)

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