"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 21, 2013

no luck with the blink {the end}

the kids meet the tube.
grandpa takes us to his special swimming hole.
max, brennan, and i nose dive off of the tube 
on the way back home into the cove. 
going 5 miles an hour.
no wake.
not fast.
max was traumatized.
brennan and i thought it wasn't so bad.
all falling off together.
adam gave his stamp of approval of 
authenticity on my canteen sandwiches.
i felt like i won the olympics.
uncle adam teaches chase how to juggle.
i stayed in my bathing suit for over 12 hours straight.
we put the kids to bed and adam took us out on the lake in the middle of the night in dad's boat.
he told us about the time the boat died 
out by the miami vice house, 
and how he was all alone at 12:30am, 
and had to paddle the boat with an oar, 
sitting on the front of it, 
to the house with the scary guys
that he thought were going to kill him and steal dad's boat, 
but turned out to really be mechanics that fixed the boat.
and made sure the boat made it back to the house at 12:30am.
scoping out the swimming hole.
chase's girlfriend for the week.
gamma sandie.
it was so cute.
compliments of aunt kelsey.
born and bred.
me not him.

playing "hit it" in the cove.
brennan made it up.
he yells "hit it" just like on gampa's boat.
rope pulls tight,
he stands up on his board/ski.
future wake boarder and water skiier right there folks.
gampa was so proud.
in all her glory.
 he kept me up until 1:30am.
totally worth it:)
 we came home and tried to figure out 
how to blink ourselves home 
instead of driving across california, nevada, and utah.
no luck.

when i couldn't starve them out with any longer.
the end.

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