"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 21, 2013

the day i couldn't straighten my arms.

i can't straighten my arms.
it hurts so good.
paddle boarding around the neighboring coves with my 66 year old dad makes me realize he is still in better shape than me.
he will forever be the master on the slalom water ski. 
the kids all had a complete meltdown at dinner out.
i ended up in the van with chase while sean and my parents wrestled the other two at the table.
it wasn't pretty.
but later it was funny.
sort of.
we all decided no more eating out 
for dinner this trip.
my neck is worse.
sleeping outside on the lower deck bunk beds 
is the greatest thing on the entire planet.
i could sleep outside for the rest of my life 
in that california foothill cool night air.
i made canteen sandwiches for lunch.
brennan fished for 5 minutes and decided 
it was not the roller coaster ride he thought it would be.
{he still tells me it was his 2nd favorite part of the trip. 
1st place went to watching movies. 
nope, not kidding. so proud. have mercy.}
kelsey goes home.
the view from our outside bunk beds on the lower deck.
surrounded by our bug net. 
we slept on the bottom bunk.
and hit our heads on the bars to the top bunk 
at least once a day.
endless humor.
the moon always sat between the hammock and the upper deck, staring down at us every night.
it went from half to almost full while we were there.
it was the last thing i looked at before i closed my eyes 
every night.

check out my sister and my sweet tackle boxes 
from middle school. yeah baby.

"when are the bigger 
fish gonna be here?" 
b/c fishing is boring business when you're 5.
or 30.

can your dad carry a paddle board and two oars 
on his head walking down 5 million concrete stairs?
yeah, mine can.
'cause he's awesome like that.

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