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Saturday, September 14, 2013

honk 3 times and wave {day 3}

-DAY 3: PART 1-
by day 3 we had become 
expert tippers.
$5 when they brought you your car,
$5 when they parked it.
$5 when they hailed you a cab.
$10 when they brought in your bags.
i've never had so much fun passing out $5 and $10 dollar bills in my entire life.
fancy fancy business i tell you.
so on saturday morning, we were like veterans in the tipping.
and we tipped the grand master valet man at the front of the hotel to bring us our car.
so we could sneak away out of the city and drive to grandma and grandpa's house.
where grandpa joy fed our children milk and cookies,
and dark chocolate.
her favorite.
and mine too.
the men ended up out in the garage cooing over grandpa's mustang,
hood up,
top down,
talking about tools and corroborators and man stuff like that.
grandma and i talked about life and discussed all of our travels across utah, nevada, and california,
and the city of san francisco.
later grandpa showed off all of his guns to us,
and cranked up the one he's had since he was 9.
no amo, not to fret.
brennan started counting how many years until he was 9 
and could have a gun of his own.
i told him fat chance,
but that we could surely come back to see grandpa's guns again. 
before we left, grandma filled my purse with an entire brick of her favorite dark chocolate.
sean and i secretly ate it somewhere in nevada so we wouldn't have to share with the kids.
sharing is caring,
but not when it comes to melty chocolate on tan cloth seats.
as we drove away dad instructed sean in the ways of leaving the grandparent's house.
honk 3 times a wave.
way better than going to see the golden gate bridge.
like A MILLION times better:)

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