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Thursday, September 12, 2013

the latest and greatest from my kitchen to yours {moz basil tom avo sandwich}

my new favorite lunch.
or snack.
Mozarella Basil Tomato Avocado
Sourdough Sandwich
1. mayo on outside slice of sourdough, 
thinly sliced, 
mayo side down in the pan.
2. sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese in one layer over bread.
3. lay fresh basil leaves on top of cheese, 
load them up in one even layer.
4. lay TOMATO, sliced, preferably from a garden next. 
{the taste is just over the top amazing in this with a garden tomato}.
5. add avocado, sliced flat on top of tomato.
6. finish off with another layer of shredded mozzarella.
7. top with another slice of thinly sliced sourdough bread, 
again with mayo on the outside slice for toasting.
8. once both sides are golden brown {flip it nice and slow with a spatula and your hand so the insides don't fall out},
plate it and microwave for about 25 seconds.
9. slice in half, serve alone or with creamy tomato basil soup.
finding ways to use my garden tomatoes is a TASTY TASTY business folks!
and i'm sure a few slices of bacon wouldn't be too shabby on it either.
bon appetite!


EnglishLit said...

OK----I am going to the store tomorrow and pick up all the necessary ingredients for the sandwich. I have the tomatoes, basil and cheese; I just need the bread and avocado---can't wait-----time for you to get a professional to come in once and day and photo your food----:) The Emily Show----you can have your husband in the background---oh wait someone already did that!!!!!!!!

Em said...

good thing i don't want my own show. phew.