"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 12, 2013

in the halloween spirit over here

{please note brennan picking his nose}
today brennan single handedly convinced max that she 
really did indeed 
want to be 
a pink zombie girl 
for halloween.
instead of princess merida.
he on the other hand has decided to be:
ben10 spider-monkey, no no no swampfire!
red ninja turtle
no blue ninja turtle "b/c he has TWO swords"
red power ranger b/c "red is my favorite color, no BLUE!"
green ninja
star wars blue lightsaber guy
navy seal
skylander spyro
no jet vac
zombie hunter
-cue pink zombie girl-
so pretty much we laughed for 20 minutes while he did this,
and then i patted him on the back 
and told him that it's not his fault he can't make up his mind.
he is my son after all.
with at least half of my DNA running through his veins.
and really,
how can a person decide on just ONE halloween costume
when the possibilities are so endless anyway.
gone are the days of me picking what they will be for halloween.
not to fret,
i have back up plans.
and at least one small gibson that still has no opinions about costumes yet.
get excited people.

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