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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

maxine the 2nd {favorite things & a letter}

age: 3
favorite color: pink
favorite princess: belle
what do you want to be when you grow up: merida with merida shoes
favorite show: shark boy and lava girl
favorite thing to do: playing toys with chase and brennan and you
best friend: caitlyn
favorite holiday: purple holiday
favorite song: sofia the 1st
favorite drink: milk
favorite book: ariel
favorite treat: purple treats
favorite food: apple jacks
where do you want to live: at grandpa's house
favorite toy: tinker bell
favorite animal: bears
what is hard for you: climbing the big slide
what are you really good at doing: painting! i'm really good at painting!
what makes you happy: playing toys and looking at books
dear max,
on your first day of preschool you woke up at 6:30am.
you have never woken up so early in your entire life,
but you were hungry b/c you were tired from swimming the day before and didn't really eat a good dinner.
so you woke up at 6:30am and asked dad to get you a "bee-nana and milk."
you picked the shirt you wore out at target and the sparkles were in your hair, on your black skirt, and all over your face.
it was just so so cute.
you walked into school holding hope's hand,
and made it all the way into miss kim's hallway before you realized i wasn't there.
you burst into tears and so i walked downstairs into school with you.
then we played little people together for 5 minutes.
i told you i was going to leave and that miss kim would be here with you until i came back,
but that i would come back,
just like daniel tiger says.
you cried the song to me.
it was so sweet.
i left you sobbing on miss kim's lap.
i was so glad you were on miss kim's lap b/c i knew she would take good care of you.
she said you stopped crying later and had a great day.
except that you wouldn't do music time.
and you didn't want to do the parachute ball thing when i came to pick you up.
but i think that was mostly my fault,
b/c i was there early 
and you saw me 
and after that, you just wanted to get in the car with the boys to go to chick-fil-a.
{you told me the night before that after school you just wanted to go to chick-fil-a with caitlyn. how could i resist?!}
but you had a big smile on your face,
and said you had a really fun time,
and you told me that you cried.
your paper said you made a new friend, hope.
you played in the kitchen.
and that miss kim liked your sparkles.
i can't believe how grown up you looked,
and that you are already in preschool.
and i love your big pink backpack that was bigger than you.
i love you,
{brennan & cade holding hands, safety first!!! and max}
{max & caitlyn}
everybody needs a best friend:)


Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

This could be Kennedy's interview! :)

Katie said...

"grown-ups come back!"

Carina came over as I was reading this to admire Max's outfit. In her words, "Who's that girl? I love her."

That picture of her with her best friend is just about the cutest thing ever.

Sue said...




Amy said...

I just adore her cheeks! So happy and expressive!