"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, September 2, 2013

summer's last tease

labor day.
when you run out of your last ounce of sunscreen 
before you even spray one of your kid's arms,
and you have to dig deep down into your bag 
for the emergency bottle of lotion that you swore you'd only use 
if it was the last bottle of sunscreen on the planet.
and so you use it b/c it's better than a sunburn.
and you do not want a sunburn on labor day.
so you slather it on 
like the good friend that it's been to you for the last 4 months,
okay 3.
and you sit around all day talking with all of your friends and family 
about how you blinked and summer was over.
you eat good food.
you drink your last icy cold bottled coke by the pool,
because it's hot.
it's still really hot.
but the grass is cool.
in the shade.
and you look up at the mountains to see how many colors are changing on the trees already.
and you try to remember what week at the end of september brings the snow tips on.
or maybe it's early october.
you can't really remember.
and then,
you have to end your festivities early.
like 6:35pm early.
so you can shower your kids,
and have them in bed
before 8pm.
b/c they have school the next day.
absolutely and utterly painful.
not b/c you don't want your kids to go to school.
b/c you DO want your kids to go to school.
but b/c you want time to stop.
so that minute hand could sit on 6:30pm for just a little while longer,
while your babies swim in the evening light of the pool. 
it's like summer's last tease.
as if it's saying,
"hey, YO! 
you over there, 
lover of fall and winter!
yeah you, emily,
i just to wanted to make sure you remember 
that all of your whining about the heat of summer was frivolous,
b/c summer just ain't so bad after all. see?"
and then i chirp back at it and go,
"hey you summer!
i'm out of sunscreen. 
yeah. so let's pick this up again next may.
'cause you know, like i said, i'm out of sunscreen.
and i'm pretty much foaming at the mouth for my
house to smell like pumpkin spice anyway."
and then we smile at each other and i wink,
letting summer know that it's really only enjoyable the very most
after a good snowy winter.
and then we agree,
mother nature and i,
that i will do my job of lusting after my favorite pants and long sleeved shirts 
that have been pushed back in the line ups of regulars in my closet 
until it finally does decide 
to fully calm itself down 
into something that will truly make me lust for summer again.
because right now,
i'm just out of sunscreen.
and i don't mean that in a whining way,
i just mean it in an
i'm out of sunscreen way.
and an i can't bring myself to buy another bottle in september kind of way.
b/c we are just so done with sunscreen.
you know?
you know:)
i fully plan on leaving my windows open tonight.
my way of
blowing summer a kiss goodbye.

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Sue said...

And that is the beauty of the seasons...