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Monday, September 16, 2013

the oceanic effect {day 4}

 -DAY 4-
the thing about san francisco, 
{and half moon bay for that matter} 
is that when it's really hot,
all of the hot hair 
goes out to the ocean 
and gets stuck behind the hill.
the hill that separates half moon bay from the rest of the peninsula.
in high school mr. naazar taught us that it was called "the oceanic effect."
so the hot air gets stuck out on the ocean and it makes fog.
fog so thick that it rolls in over the hill and through the bay 
like the biggest blanket of fluffy white you could ever imagine.
and on the day we woke up to drive home, 
i woke up, 
and i could feel it through the closed window drapes.
the fog:)
the coziest, 
most wonderful feeling of peace and quiet on the planet.
so as we drove out of the city,
we drove through the fog,
and i couldn't have imagined a better end to our trip to san francisco.
the city by the bay.
and then reality hit about 45 minutes later when all of the kids were screaming starvation.
so we ordered $31 of breakfast foods from Mickey D's,
and 3 chocolate milkshakes.
i think it was only 2.
we made max and chase share.
b/c at 9:56am,
after 4 days of vacation,
and a 12 hour drive ahead,
there are just some battles not worth fighting.

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Sue said...

It was fun watching you and the fam in SF. And I love that Welcome to Utah sign.

Life elevated.