"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, September 20, 2013

you, you, you otta know

we're canning green beans once a week over here.
in the pressure cooker.
just thought you, you, you, otta know!
{are you singing the alanis morissette song in your head now too? sorry 'bout that.}
i have a strong yearning for 2 feet of snow to fall onto my front porch.
and all over my yard.
but not in an "i want it to actually snow tomorrow kind of way,"
just in an "i'm looking foward to the next few months kind of way,"
as the holidays all fold out in front of us,
without any of the rush b/c it's all just far enough away that there's still room to stretch out your arms in front of you and not touch any of them just yet.
but not the colds, and the flus, and the streps, and the pink eyes,
b/c i'm not interested in any of THAT kind of nostalgia.
just the kind that makes me want to pull up a spot on my couch in the big room,
with the shutters wide open,
and a fluffy blanket all around me.
the quiet dark streets of snow and slow.
with the hum of the furnace as the only sound running through my house at night.
and when i hear the wind outside,
my heart races a little,
but not in a scary way.
in an excited way.
and part of me goes to rush to the windows,
to check to see if there are any blustery flakes falling outside.
through the dim light of the street lamps.
and then i remember it's september,
not december.
and that THAT would just be rushing things,
so nevermind;)
because the perfect weeks of fall are here.
they are here,
and they are absolutely the most wonderful warm weeks of the entire year.
from now through the middle of october.
when you can wear jeans and a t-shirt with flip flops during the day,
and grab your extra layer by 5:30 at night.
where you can cool your house down with box fans as the sun goes down.
and leave your windows open to get your room into the 60's while you sleep at night.
and for a minute i can see why people want to live in sunny san diego.
b/c 70 and sunny is pretty great.
except there's just one thing.
i really love snow at christmas.
like i said,
i'm just a sucker for pomp and circumstance though;)

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Amy said...

Love love love that last picture. It is adorable! This is the best season of all.