"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

coming out of the pumpkin pie closet.

{i sent sean to store last night at 8:53pm to buy this.}
let it be known 
that i don't like 
pumpkin pie.
i've said it.
i've always eaten it.
because i'll eat anything smothered in whipped cream.
except for oysters.
i won't eat oysters.
especially not smothered in whipped cream.
so when my mother in law asked me if i would like to bring a pie
for thanksgiving dinner, 
i said yes!
i'd love to bring a pie!
how about
a frozen marie callender's chocolate satin pie!?
with chocolate cookie crumb crust!
from scratch.
it says so on the box.
and then to my surprise,
she consented! 
bless her:)
i mean really,
who brings chocolate pie to thanksgiving dinner anyway???
i do i do i do.
and who let's you ruin their thanksgiving dessert like that?
my wonderful mother in law,
that's who!
and guys,
i just want you to know 
that i am finally excited for thanksgiving dessert.
for the first time since i was 12.
because after a day of eating turkey,
chocolate see's turkey's,
green beans,
mashed potatoes and gravy,
and marshmallow topped sweet potatoes,
i just can't motivate myself to open my mouth for a pumpkin pie.
do they make chocolate pumpkin pie???
i think i'll have one bite of sean's pumpkin pie,
just to make sure i really don't like it.
or maybe i'll be so daring to mix a bite of the chocolate pie with the pumpkin pie.
oh the agony of being an indecisive person!
better safe than sorry.
that's all i'm sayin'.
in other news...
brennan's so excited to have 5 lazy days in a row.
me too pal!
ME too:)

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Amy said...

Keith's favorite part of this holiday was also the 5 lazy days in a row. :) Tomorrow is going to be a hard day at our house.
Other pies are okay at our house, but Pumpkin pie always holds a place of honor. Along with Rhubarb. :) We are pie snobs at our house, though. They have to be homemade or nothing.