"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 29, 2013

dear santa {from emily}

dear santa,
how are you?
how are your christmas preparations going this year?
i promised max and brennan that i would let you know that they slept the best they've ever slept last saturday night.
and also, i promised you would make them an extra present for doing so.
i believe in the magic!
so please, no underwear for them this year.
for me, i would also like to forgo underwear.
i'm all stocked up:)
i have something special in mind.
it's not a million dollars,
and it's not a sports car.
i would like the complete cosby collection.
i have never laughed so hard than i did last tuesday night watching the cosby show on demand.
see, i tried to watch pbs, but then the vultures started eating the baby seals that were crushed under the males that were fighting for the women.
then i tried to watch secrets of the dead bones of budha,
but the man didn't have a british accent and it also wasn't very exciting because they didn't really know real facts.
the week before that i tried to watch sister wives, just to see what all of the fuss was about,
but i ended up vomiting in my mouth, so then i tested out toddlers and tiaras, but i only made it 5 minutes with one and that was about 5 minutes too long.
so while sean was off at church meetings, and a long line of bad experiences on netflix and live telvision, if you can even call it that, i decided to give my hand a try at on demand.
i needed to be inspired!
in a way that can only happen from the comfort of your couch with a remote control in hand.
i started with the A's,
as they are always the best place to start.
downton abbey seasons 1 and 2!
i could watch them again!
this would be great!!!
except for the part where they reel you in like that,
and then tell you you're not a subscriber for this option,
but you can pay more to have it in three easy steps.
then the B's.
then, low and behold they appeared!
under the C's.
three 22 minute episodes.
i sat there on my couch laughing so hard i was crying.
and when sean walked in from the store with my chocolate satin pie i made him sit down and listen to the story line of why i was laughing, and then we watched two more episodes laughing.
but the funniest one was thanksgiving was when mr huxtable {is that how you spell that?} got sent to the store four times on thanksgiving for things he kept forgetting,
and the third time he finally remembered the eggs, but it was raining and the bag was wet, and the eggs fell out of the wet soggy bag and broke all over the floor, so he went out and again, and then the funniest part happened, but i won't spoil it for you.
anyway, we were both laughing so hard and talking about how this was great television,
and why do i ever waste my life watching teen mom and other shows like that anyway???
so santa,
i'd please like THE COSBY SHOW on dvd for christmas.
i've worked really hard all year,
and i promise i'll try to swear less,
and shower more.
also, i eat my fruits and vegetables every day,
and i really try hard to not cut people off on the freeway.
i hope you've been watching all of my best behavior,
and forget my worst.
because everyone knows that focusing on the positives is really what counts;)
and i KNOW how great you are.
especially in your red suit.
it really is your color.
and i promise to not let max lick all of the cookies this year before we put them out.
{sorry about that last year--she just got away from us for a minute}.
anyway, carrots for the reindeer and winder milk will be with the unlicked cookies especially for you!

all my love,


Amy said...

The Cosby Show is one of my all time favorites. It was on Netflix last year and Jeffrey and I watched all of it. It was awesome. You have to see The Day The Spores Landed. Probably the best episode ever. I think it is on YouTube.
I hope you get your Christmas wish. :)

Amy said...

Hahaha! I am all caught up! (Took me long enough!)