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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

cotton headed ninny muggin

cotton headed ninny muggins.
i just couldn't help but call him that tonight.
you know, with cotton balls coming out of his ears.
but not in a mean way,
in a nice way.
like a fond endearing term kind of way.
plus, it really made me excited to watch elf,
and also he's a baby, 
so they don't know that you're calling them something mean,
as long as you say it with a smile and tickle them,
it comes off as nice.
scout's honor.
poor chap had blood coming out of both of his ears this morning.
last night it was clear and i was all,
"it's fiiiiiiine, clear is good, i'm sure he just licked his fingers and shoved them in his ears."
but then this morning i was like,
"WOOOOOAAAHHHH!!! there's blood coming out of his ears! not good!!!"
thank you tubes.
thank you antibiotic/steroid drops.
4 times in each ear, 2 times a day, for 10 days.
just like the good ol' days,
except with sleep.
it's like coming home for the holidays.
sort of.
why oh why do i pack my christmas dvds in the christmas decorations boxes 
that are barricaded off by the halloween, and easter decorations,
which also are surrounded by all baby toys 
that have been dispersed in every area of the basement by elf 1 and elf 2??
how am i supposed to watch elf before thanksgiving when it's packed away.
this is how i force myself into waiting to do such things until after thanksgiving.
because i know i have absolutely ZERO self control in matters such as these.
and i cannot be trusted.
it takes barricades.
so until then i'll entertain myself with cotton stuffed ears on chase.
no babies were harmed in the making of this blog post.
FYI blood coming out of tubes with ears {or is it ears with tubes?}=ear infection draining. 
no need to panic. 
get drops. give drops. 
cuddle baby. watch barney with baby. refill milk for baby. 
thank your lucky stars baby's tubes haven't fallen out yet. 
kiss baby. brush baby's hair to one side with your fingers. 
and so on and so forth.
he is such a champ.
but last night was rough rough rough.
it's the molars really.
that are causing the ears to bleed.
and other things EHEM to take their course.
also he was getting over a cold.
perfect storm for an ear infection.
he was so very sad.
my heart was aching.
i love him.
and his perfect little chubby cuddly self.
he ate tonight for the first time in 3 days.
like a starving man in the dessert.
{tomato soup addict. hours of entertainment. or 20 minutes. whichever.}
i feel zero desire to cook anything the week of thanksgiving.
this happens every year.
obviously psychological excitement.
you know, not wanting to spoil my supper.
thanksgiving supper.
by eating too early.
it's not that i don't want to eat.
i just have no motivation to cook.
we didn't eat dinner last night until 8:05pm.
on a school night.
b/c i just couldn't find it in me to get up and cook.
like i should hold off on all eating up until thursday,
b/c i just can't stop thinking about turkey!
turkey sandwiches.
turkey soup.
turkey drumstick with stuffing.
and leftover mashed potatoes.
but you can't eat turkey before thanksgiving.
you just can't.
so until then,
it's pancakes,
grilled cheese,
and baked potatoes with lots of stuff on top.
tomorrow night we might actually have to resort to cold cereal.

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Amy said...

Poor little boy! Watching children suffer is the very worst in the world. I am glad he is getting better. Hope your Thanksgiving was as yummy as you hyped it up to be in your mind. :D