"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

mariah carey lives {VEGAS}

{paige, me, aj, & jackie}
16 things i learned 
in vegas:
1. go go dancers are the same thing as strippers,
no matter what Caesar's palace and jackie say.
2. staying up until 3am every night IS actually possible at the age of almost 31,
just as long as you don't have to wake up with three children at 7am.
3. sleeping until 10am IS actually possible, even when you're not a teenager.
especially after you've stayed up until 3am.
i know, it surprised me too.
4. looking at old pictures from high just might make a lady pee her pants.
what, it wasn't me.
5. also, you might be horrified at some of the things you did in high school.
6. good friends 15 years ago=out of the ball park amazing friends STILL 15 years later:)
7. paige sample hutcherson is by far the best story teller on the face of the planet.
especially in a hot tub.
no bubbles, too loud.
8. beaver, utah has the nicest gas station bathrooms of all time.
also, you can buy fried liver and gizzards.
we did not.
and you can take a picture with a beaver.
and buy your friends bumper stickers they might like.
9. imitation is the best form of flattery.
we love you shania.
also, paige is a sexy horse.
10. there is a $1,000 ice cream sundae at serendipity 3 on the strip.
i can think of 5 billion other things i'd rather spend $1,000 on.
11. it's still just as fun to take pictures in front of stupid stuff as it was in high school.
we looked through about a million pictures 
of us doing the same thing as we did in this picture below back when we were in high school.
neigh horsie.
you're still the one.
12. red rock canyon is just about the most beautiful place i never knew existed,
AND it showed everyone what a big wimp i am.
also, that i'm a worrier.
and jackie has no fear of death.
aj doesn't either.
i was a nervous wreck for parts of it.
and where was my ladder anyway???
13. paige is a slammin' yoga teacher.
and the one where you lay down flat out on your back 
in the middle of red rock canyon
was my favorite.
14. also, i breathe in deep,
and sometimes i breathe out shallow.
dang it.
i vow to focus on more even breathes yogi paige.
scout's honor.
15. never reheat your pizza in a microwave ever again.
broil high.
5 minutes.
do this after you've cooked it the first time too.
16. and last, 
but certainly NOT LEAST...
after almost 10 years, 
and what i thought would be lost forever!!!
i am pleased to announce that...
wait for it...
wait for it...
wait foooooorrrrrr iiiiiitttttttt.......
my california accent is baaaaaaaaaack!
what once was lost.
has now been found.
it's like coming home again:)
{i give it a week. sigh.}
{thank you ladies. it was just like riding a bike.}
{in the mini van.}
{b/c less money in the tank means more money in the wallet.}
mariah carey lives. 
her name is also paige.
{the end.}

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