"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, November 4, 2013

brennan in the wagon with a fever {halloween}

it was cold.
and it tried to rain.
but we would not be deterred!
max went as ariel.
her THIRD costume of the week.
and repeat costume of last year.
good grief. that child.
she asked to go home after the second house.
we pulled brennan in the wagon,
covered in a blanket,
hot with a fever.
we tried to convince him to stay home 
and let max take his sack around for candy,
but he was just too devastated to let the best night of the year pass him by.
so his friends walked around the neighborhood with us,
and he laid in the wagon,
sick as a dog.
fever and a headache.
poor guy.
after about an hour and half the motrin finally kicked in,
and he got to do about 3 houses for himself.
this year chase figured out that if you go to someone's house,
knock and smile,
they will give you candy.
after an hour and a half he showed no signs of wanting to stop.
after every house he would say,
"moor, moor, moor, moor"
until we got to the next house.
and then he would do it again.
even though we had to use our armpits 
to warm up our freezing hands.
in fact,
he tried to escape down the street to double dip on the neighbors 
with a pack of girls that had just collected some loot from our house.
good thing we caught him or he really would have painted the town red.
or orange.
after we dragged him inside he found the candy bowl,
and stuffed his bucket full with that.
then brennan and max passed out all of our candy,
and all of chase's candy to every last trick or treater that came to our door.
until 9pm when we were bone dry out,
turned off the lights,
and sent the kids to bed.
then paige and i watched hocus pocus,
and went through all of our old high school pictures,
while sean slept on the couch.
i'm still finding red sequins all over my house.
best Dorothy shoes ever.
compliments of linsey.
this was definitely chase's year.
thank you linsey for your dorothy costume.
you the best mama;)
{the end.}

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