"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"i think this was a bad idea." -emily

emily-"i think this was a bad idea." 
sean-"i was afraid of this."
{talking about splurging and putting lights on our rose tree.}
after 3 years we've finally got the charm.
putting up christmas lights on one of the warmest days in november.
65* folks!
this my friends is the secret to putting up your christmas lights when you live in utah.
no more waiting until after thanksgiving in the freezing cold.
no more shaking in our boots while i tell sean that the part over there looks a little droopy over the garage, 
and could he please straighten it out?
at which point he lovingly and without any hint of irritation in his voice 
scoots over to my directed spot,
and straightens said spot out with so much love and care.
ummm, yeah.
not how it goes at your house either?
well, i'm pleased to announce that this year 
was without with very little aggravation! 
we even splurged on a few extra areas of emphasis.
all because our buns were not freezing 
in the blustering winds of the after thanksgiving november utah weather:)
{to all of you that are at this very moment torn up inside and beside yourselves
that we are breaking the code of after thanksgiving rituals,
be calm, and be of good cheer.
i vow to you that we will not turn them on until after thanksgiving. 
or until it snows and i feel ever so inclined. phew.}
also the fall november sun was setting behind us.
and it was
the most beautiful 
fall november utah sunset 
i had ever seen 
and i stood there blinking, 
thinking my eyes were teasing me.
no! eluding me!
in their exhaustion of what was my saturday.
because the sky looked like there was a filter over it.
like someone had perfectly painted 
the most beautifully colored brush strokes
in the sky.
a mural staring down upon us.
like nothing i had ever seen before.
and i would take a picture,
and another,
and another,
and then i would stand there and yell to sean and the kids to come back out
because they just had to see it one more time!
and every picture was not nearly as amazing as what i was seeing in front of my eyes.
and brennan was all, "we saw it mom. it's beautiful! really, it's great!"
but i just couldn't get over it.
even now,
i'm thinking about how it was one of those sunsets i will never forget.
and also,
i'm thinking about how stringing those extra christmas lights around our outside banister and rose tree 
was totally worth all of the hassle.
and about how putting up christmas lights is mostly like running.
like running 4 miles in one direction 
out on a long stretch of idaho black paved highway,
{rexburg 2007, the teton DAM half marathon}
and every step that you're taking in one direction,
you're going to have to turn around and take again to get back home.
and i was all,
"sean, putting up lights is like running."
but not in a serious way,
and not in a joking way,
just in a conversation way.
like the kind of conversation you have 
when you're standing around putting up christmas lights with your husband.
and your kids are playing in the dirt and pulling your flowers out and stuff.
and he was like,
"ummmm sure..."
and so i said,
"cause you have to put them on,
and you know you're going to have to take them down,
like when you're running back."
and at this point i know he's laughing at me inside b/c of how he's smiling at me,
and i'm also laughing too.
because i'm crouching under and in and out of branches,
and i know i'm lookin a little crazy,
weaving the strands back and forth,
under and over,
with twigs falling on me,
crap getting scrappy and stuck all over the dang place,
getting stuck in my hair and on my sweater set!
and THEN the thorns from the rose bush poked me in my bum.
and my neighbor drove by and was like,
"yeah we did that one year,
and then never again."
and i was like,
"yeah, we were just saying this was a bad idea."
{wave and smile},
and then i told sean maybe we won't ever do this again either.
and i thought,
man it would be nice to pay someone to do this.
but then 
when we were done,
i was like,
"this was a great idea!!! we should do this every year!"
and sean was like,
"these actually look nice!"
and i could feel the excitement for christmas deep down inside of my spirit!
creeping in and getting warmed up all around us.
and i declared that it was
and totally
worth it!
except then i started thinking about running again,
and about how the running back sometimes isn't as fun as the running out.
if you're a really naive runner,
and you're not experienced enough to know about the coming back,
so you just sit into your run, and you think you can feel this high forever.
and then i told sean,
"maybe we could just cut them all out of the tree and rebuy them next year.
because i don't want to spend a half an hour taking these down in the freezing cold winter."
and sean was all, 
"no, i'll just rip 'em all out really fast."
and i was like,
"ok maybe it's not like running. but it kind of is."
and then we went inside and talked about how really really nice they looked.
and i felt so excited for the snow to come,
and the christmas music to be playing in my house,
and the tree to be going up,
and how totally, 
and completely 
worth it 
it was to string those 600 lights up
on the outside front banister and rose tree.
that we're going to need to buy more lights for the christmas tree.
b/c after we put them up,
we realized that's where the extra lights came from.
oh christmas tree! oh christmas tree!
the end.

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Amy said...

The end result is so worth the pain though, right? That sunset is gorgeous! I am so happy that you are such a festive person!